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Children picnic table with sandpit

Children picnic table with sandpit

SKU: 58147

Children's Picnic Table with Sandpit - a dynamic play hub designed for endless fun and practicality in backyard! This innovative table features a dual-purpose sandpit cover that easily transforms into a convenient storage box for toys and essentials. Crafted with safety in mind, it offers a sturdy construction and rounded edges, ensuring a secure play environment. The integrated sandpit provides a sensory play space while the removable cover effortlessly converts into a handy storage solution for toys and supplies. With comfortable seating for kids, this multipurpose table encourages creativity, outdoor dining, and tidy storage all in one.

  • Cleverly crafted with Sandpit seamlessly transforms from a captivating play area to a versatile storage box
  • Pressure treatment option to protect against wood rot and decay.
  • Made from FSC timber from well managed forests.
  • Flatpacked with easy to use instructions.
  • Supplied with drill holes and quality fixings.
  • Included geotextile for the sandpit.
  • Certified EN 17191:2021, EN12521:2015.

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