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Our Responsibility

Our respect and appreciation for nature makes us conscious. And our consciousness determines our environmentally friendliness. By working with live wood, we can keep our promise of being environmentally friendly, because of its high density and durable qualities.

Our responsibility
Mission CO² Zero

In our study (2019, Sustinere) we calculated, that Carbon removed from the atmosphere and stored into material goods and final products amounted to 16 888 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, being over 8 times higher than emissions.

Mission co2 zero
FSC® Certified Wood

We craft furniture with respect of the nature. By supporting responsible wood sourcing and

forest management, we keep our promise of being environmentally friendly. Therefore, we are certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC ®). Certificate registration Code: NC-COC-013354.

FSC License Code:


Zero Waste

We know, that if well maintained, the lifespan of EKJU furniture exceeds the growth of new tree (70-80 years).


All wood leftovers are reused for heating our own facilities and timber drying kilns. Nothing goes to waste.

EKJU zero waste
Eco Treatments

Want a more natural product? ECO Linseed oil and stains uses high quality natural pigments and binders to provide higher resistance to water, UV protection, with complete sealant and no cracking of the paint or stain. Available in settling earthy shades.

Garden Bar Table Set Natural
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