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Pressure Treatment

EKJU pressure treatment tank

We use pressure treatment on most of our product range. In this process, product components are placed in a long treatment tank, which is then vacuum sealed. An impregnation solution is used in the tank to penetrate deep into the timber and give layers of protection.

During the daily production process, EKJU products comply with this exact pressure impregnation technology and uses high-quality impregnation agent CELCURE C65.

This is a water-based wood protection solution, which contains copper and organic biocides, also known as azoles.

CELCURE C65 treated timber has a lasting protection against fungi, insects and woodworm attacks, during the contact with the atmosphere and the earth.

Wood products treated with CELCURE C65 are safe to use on applications involving contact with children and other frequent human contact situations.


None of the ingredients in CELCURE C65 are considered to be toxic or harmful at the levels present in the timber.

We can produce 2 colours with pressure treatment. 

Natural looking Pressure Treated Green

Traditional looking Pressure Treated Brown

This means that the finished product has a beautiful appearance and is protected from the decay that will happen to non-treated timber.

The protection that this treatment brings can be preserved by re-treating the product every 2 years with a water-based preservative.

For products, which we have pressure treated, we provide the client with a 5-year product warranty against rot or insect damage.

See our Maintenance section for more guidance on how to best look after EKJU products.

EKJU pressure Treatment options
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