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Children's Medium-Sized picnic Table

Children's Medium-Sized picnic Table

SKU: 257062

Children's Medium-Sized Picnic Table, a perfect addition to outdoor space for kids to gather, play, and dine. Crafted from high-quality, durable wood, this thoughtfully designed picnic table offers a sturdy and safe environment for children. With ample seating for young ones to comfortably enjoy meals, engage in activities, or simply bask in outdoor fun, it's an ideal choice for family gatherings or playdates. Its classic wooden construction ensures durability and blends seamlessly with any backyard decor.

  • Children's Medium-Sized Picnic Table is the perfect outdoor companion for up to four kids.
  • Pressure treatment option to protect against wood rot and decay.
  • Made from FSC timber from well managed forests.
  • Flatpacked with easy to use instructions.
  • Supplied with drill holes and quality fixings.

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