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Product Warranty

Warranty for Pressure Treated Products

5-year product warranty against rot or insect damage.

For any Warranty issues please contact the company from where you purchased it. Guarantee your product by presenting the purchase document with clearly visible product number and purchase date on it.

Provided that the product is not mechanically damaged or subjected to unnatural conditions, such as the inappropriate use of chemicals, excessive humidity, heat, etc.


Warranty for Product Structure

Warranty on EKJU product design robustness is 24 months.

Wood is a living, breathing material. In dry weather conditions, cracks and tears may appear in the planks which vanish when weather conditions become damper. Certain perceived “flaws” are perfectly normal in wood. This is why the following series of non-conformities are wholly acceptable as falling within industry-accepted tolerance margins:

  • Knots in the wood

  • Knots, which have fallen out (max cross size 2 cm), on the wood surface which does not damage products general structural strength

  • Knots, which have fallen out, at the sawing edge of the planks provided that the resulting holes are closed by assembly

  • Discolouration or fading (does not detract from the wood's life span)

  • Straight tears and cracks, provided these are not wide-open cracks which cut through the plank

  • Do not worry if cracks appear at a dry climate. Wood is a living material, which seasons with changes in temperature and humidity. The cracks disappear should the humidity rise again. 

  • Cracks and tears because of shrinkage or desiccation, which do not jeopardise the solidity of the construction

  • The appearance of resin

  • Torsion and warping provided this does not affect products general structural strength.

  • In dry weather conditions, it is possible for knots to fall out. Any holes thus formed are to be filled using wood filler.

Guarantee is not applicable if the defects that have appeared are caused because of usage of insufficient protection measure. The guarantee does not cover:

  • Wooden details already painted (processed with a wood preservative)

  • Obvious parts that may have on their concealed surfaces some non-planed areas, colour differences and/or waning

  • Complaints resulting from incorrect assembly, lack of regular maintenance, improper use, roughness, abuse or neglect; or the product subsiding, falling due to an incompetently made foundation

  • Complaints caused by introducing self-initiative changes to the product.

  • Normal wear or stretching of material due to weathering or use, fading, minor discoloration, colour variances in the wood grain, resin or colour variance between replacement parts or pieces are not covered.

  • Normal wear or fading of personalised laser engraving.

  • Checking (minor cracks) may occur when wood products are exposed to outside elements.

  • Damages or failure caused by freight or acts of nature (e.g. freezing temperatures, ice, hurricane, tornado, high winds, etc.).

​If you have questions or suggestions please send a message to email:

​We will kindly help to solve any issues regarding warranty and product quality.

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