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Production & Logistics

EKJU's production site in Latvia holds 18 acres of production space and has a production capacity of 50 000 cubic metres of timber per year. During processing, all timber waste is collected and recycled. All timber used in production is sourced from FSC well managed forests.

The site is home to a team of craftsman focused and dedicated on making quality Garden Furniture. There are 3 timber kilns where the timber is dried to controlled temperatures before treatment. There are 3 pressure treatment tanks and spray booths for painting.






Products are packed with care and attention onto pallets and then loaded into trucks for delivery. There is a loading capacity at site of 20 full trucks per day.

98% of our total product volume is exported across Europe, with long standing logistical networks throughout the continent. This in ensures we deliver in full and on time to our customers and is one of the reasons we maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

EKJU logistics map
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