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EKJU find their UK home

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

EKJU, who are known as a major European distributor and manufacturer of timber garden furniture have made the UK a second home by setting up EKJU UK Ltd, which will act as a key part of EKJU’s UK strategy in servicing their British customer base and beyond. The move is twinned with a key logistics partnership which will increase delivery frequencies and efficiencies in the UK, by having a permanent strategic base. This distribution hub will enable stock coverage of key seasonal garden furniture and grow your own product lines in a well-positioned central UK location.

EKJU UK Ltd will have a dedicated resource to continuously improve customer service and promote the full EKJU product range to new prospects. The new arm of EKJU will hold the same company identity and brand ethos which has created such a solid reputation for consistency and reliability, whilst always thinking of the environment.

Part of EKJU’s mission is to maintain high product standards, creating garden furniture that is crafted with care and attention. Their products are constructed using FSC Pine, Spruce and Siberian Larch that grow in the northern European forests. This live wood is top quality and stronger due to its slow growth, ideal for use on garden products due to its high density and durable nature. EJKU strive to offer UK retailers a reliable product that can bring families and friends together in UK gardens and balconies.

EKJU’s skilled workforce and capabilities ensure that their product is built to last as long as it takes to regrow a new tree in a forest. The company also operate a carbon neutral policy to ensure the production and operations do not negatively affect the environment. EKJU have a fond appreciation for nature and using the forest’s natural resource they aim to make every piece of furniture count towards making memories outdoors and making their process sustainable for the environment.

In 2020, EKJU have gone from strength to strength, surpassing expectations. This has been a period where many companies have halted production, however EKJU’s factory in Latvia has never been busier, ensuring social distancing. This momentum has resulted in the decision to press on with the EKJU UK Ltd formation and bolster the logistical network from Latvia to the UK. The result of this will mean a constant presence of stock in the UK, faster delivery lead times and dedicated UK resource to promote the EKJU brand.

EKJU UK Ltd Director Laura Galzone said ‘We are delighted to make the progress we have in 2020 and especially pleased to have our UK company set up. This step is key in building on our successes to date and making EKJU the supplier of choice in the UK for quality timber garden furniture. Our continued investment in carbon neutrality throughout the supply chain and looking after the fantastic trees in our forests is a big story behind the EKJU product standards. From doing market research we know the UK consumer cares a great deal for the environment, as do we, so we are making more of our products available for UK consumers so we can form a great marriage between them and the EKJU brand. We are excited by the prospect of forming new partnerships in the UK so we can work together on upcoming opportunities in the UK market’

With the COVID-19 crisis drastically reducing global emissions, it is predicted that this has accelerated consumer attitudes to think greener wherever possible to continue the momentum to reducing damage to the planet. Now EKJU have landed in the UK, retailers looking to fulfil sustainability targets can easily work with EKJU to develop the best range of sustainable timber furniture and continue positively affecting global emissions.

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