Spring mornings and summer evenings spent in the garden together with the family and close friends at a large round wooden table unites and brings people closer to each other.

Wooden furniture creates a sense of cosiness and security, bringing peace and stability to us as well. Our garden furniture is able to create natural cosiness even in the city, by bringing the lively and healing forest energy into our homes.

Our production values are naturalness and thoroughness, being friendly to the environment and people.

Our wooden furniture is practical, durable, beautiful and comfortable.

We produce our furniture
from Northern European coniferous trees

while preserving the natural material characteristics and appearance as much as possible. Trees that grow in harsh conditions have hardened, become solid and durable.

Also, furniture made of such wood will serve you for a long time, especially because we perform additional treatment for protection of wood. Forests are a great asset, and they shall be treated with dignity and respect.