People have always loved being closer to nature. Whether it is running in parks, refreshing walks in the forests or meadows, watching the sun gently settling down below the hills and mountains or enjoying a small piece of nature in the garden.


Ekju is a modern and environmentally friendly company, manufacturing first class garden furniture. 

We preserve the wood, retaining its natural elements; therefore our products are beautiful and practical.

Forests are the outstanding feature of Latvia, covering 42% of the territory. People who live in Latvia feel relaxed and happy, because the forests are all around them.

In our everyday lives, we find that we work and live in artificial environments which do not allow us to time to enjoy the nature that surrounds us. So we, the Ekju Company, wish to help you build a friendly environment that brings nature close to you at home.

We produce furniture from coniferous trees that grow in Northern Europe.

Struggling with the harsh environmental conditions, trees are just like people, they harden and become stronger and more resistant. Furniture made of such wood is durable and will serve you for years and be enjoyed by several family generations.