EKJU, in collaboration with German designer Matthias Frobose

Introducing EKJU new designer line V_FRO COLLECTION


The series “V-Fro” provides a combination of excellent design and solid craftsmanship suited for outdoor use.

From a resting place under the apple tree during the day, table and bench set transforms into a gathering spot in the evening by a campfire.

Good design and high-quality materials result in furniture that will contribute to the well-being of the owner in the long term.

The minimal use of materials underlines the clear design vocabulary of the objects.

A slight shift of the axes is enough to make the furniture something special: the V-shape of the legs brings stability, the seat tilts at the same angle and gives a comfortable seating experience.



Matthias Froböse

designs straightforward and clear design objects. It is the simple shapes
and clean lines that are at the centre of his design, not whimsical fashion
objects that can be subjected to the changeability of contemporary taste.

Various aspects of his work deal with visual and haptic perception.

His passion lies in designing for the series, discovering new forms and proportions, feeling and creating new ones.

He lives and works in Berlin and Rostock, has a deep passion for gardens and horticulture, loves to observe and enjoy the garden from different places.



" Good design and high quality

materials result in furniture

that will contribute to the

well-being of the owner in the

long term. "

We believe that quality outdoor furniture will bring you closer to nature.


We believe that quality outdoor using Northern European wood for our

outdoor furniture, we keep our Latvian traditions alive.

Our expertise lies in our extensive know-how, accumulated over many 
years working with live wood.

Since the very beginning, we have had high standards for our materials, only using quality wood with high density.



We are a team of dedicated craftsmen


with a love for Nature and craftsmanship, always using quality
materials to create long lasting products.

We know that the devil is in the details, which makes us pay extra attention to detail, always keeping the user in mind.

We aim for constant refinement, which enables us to offer durable furniture made to be used for many, many years.