CO2 movement in nature


Sustainable forestry increases CO2 absorption from the atmosphere as a result of young trees absorbing higher levels of carbon dioxide than older trees, making the forest act as a carbon sink. It is these older trees that we cut, leaving space to replant new saplings.

Every year, humans add around 7,900 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, whereas carbon sink ecosystems are able to attract only about 4600 million tonnes of carbon; a deficit of 3.3 million tonnes

In EKJU Ltd wood furniture is manufactured so that every detail, including packaging material is designed with recycling in mind.  In that way we can expand the raw material base and conserve natural resources: wood - energy source, scrap metal (screws, metal connection details) - reduces the need for metal extracted from the earth's mineral, waste paper, and recycled plastic - saving oil and gas supplies.

It is possible to reduce concentrations of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere by attracting and accumulating it. There are several naturally accrued and  man-made CO2 storage facilities, specifically designed areas in the ground. However, the best custodian of CO2, are trees - which are living or made into wooden products as they still absorb CO2. 

Growing trees absorb CO2 and emit oxygen. One cubic meter of average trees during photosynthesis takes approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide and emits 0.7 tons of oxygen. Every year EKJU Ltd teams plant thousands of tress in order to give back and  contribute to the forest regeneration process.

CO2 discharge into the atmosphere can be reduced by increasing the use of wood - wooden building construction, interior development, garden furniture production etc. CO2, which is attracted by wood and wooden materials does not escape into the atmosphere the whole timber product life cycle and after it, if wood products are processed and re-used, for example in wood panels or reconstituted wood products.

People can extend the product life of the tree with  correct and timely treatment. A small wooden chair for example is capable of storing around 2kg of CO2.Carbon dioxide once entered into the atmosphere remains there and is one of the promoters of the greenhouse effect and global warming therefore new forest planting and increased use of timber is even more important.