Frequently asked questions

Wholesale & Dealer Inquiries


Q: How does my company get wholesale pricing?

A:  EKJU offers wholesale discounts at different levels. The quantity you purchase and your type of business determines your discount.
       • Setting up your account is free and fast so make sure you start this process first.
       • Due to the various product lines we carry we make, there is no standard discount, all discounts are structured per individual product.

Call us +371 64170073 to setup your account

Please also have your contact/billing information, e-mail, phone number, and fax number ready. You can email to us

Q: How do I become a dealer / distributor in my area?

A:  To best serve you and the customer, we recommend setting up a Wholesale Account with us as mentioned above for free. You will receive a corresponding discount on your first purchase, and others that follow.

If you wish to be on a deeper discount level, you may chose to become a Dealer. These are bussineses that order EKJU products of their choice in higher quantities, all at once.

To get on our deepest discount level, and to have the opportunity to become an official Dealer with a territory, you must start by stocking EKJU products. Since we have customers the Europe, this is a great way to capture your local market by providing quick and easy access to our products that regularly sell themselves.

We will then be happy to offer you full dealer privileges, and maximum discounts when you stock or order our products in quantity.

In 2016 we are going to be reviewing applications for this official dealers, If you feel you have a strong business proposal as a dealer or distributor please let us know.